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MEL (Michigan E-Library)

The Michigan eLibrary (MeL) is an anywhere, anytime library for Michigan. MeL resources, available via the MeL Gateway, include the following:

MeL Databases - commercial databases purchased by the Library of Michigan for all Michigan residents. You may log on directly at the library, or you may log on at home using your Library Card or any Michigan drivers license number. Click either the "log on in your library or school" or the "log on at home or work" link.  Click here to see a video of what the MeL Databases are about and how to use them!
You'll find auto repair manuals, full-text books, newspapers and magazines, health information, educational databases and more -- and it's FREE!
MelCat - a statewide catalog, interlibrary loan, and delivery service. 

MeL Michigana - a growing selection of digitized resources including manuscripts, realia, and other objects.
MeL Featured Resources -  recommended links on evolving topics of statewide and national interest.