White Lake Township Library Strategic Plan
Vision Statement- Inspiration through Information
Mission Statement- The White Lake Township Library is committed to providing informational, educational, cultural, and recreational resources in a welcoming environment that offer the opportunity for the community to gather and grow, leading to enrichment, enjoyment, knowledge, and lifelong learning.
Goals 2014-2018
BUILDING. Provide a physical facility to meet the current and future wants and needs of a growing community.
COLLECTIONS. Develop the Library collections to be current and ever-evolving to meet the core needs of the community.
COMMUNITY: Serve as an environment to strengthen and foster our community.
CUSTOMER SERVICE. Encourage a welcoming atmosphere through personalized customer service.
FUNDING. Obtain diversified public and private funding to support the Library in meeting current and future needs.
PUBLIC RELATIONS. Build awareness and enthusiasm for the Library and promote the importance of its services and resources to the community.
TECHNOLOGY. Provide the necessary technology to allow the community and staff to effectively utilize information and resources.

Adopted 10/23/13 and updated on 08/23/17 by the White Lake Township Library Board of Trustees.