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Language Learning Resources

These are great resources for both kids and adults interested in learning a new language.

Free Online Resources Through the Library


View video, audio, and written tutorials for 160 languages on Pronunciator. This is a great resource for adults or kids. Log in with your library card number to get started.

Check out this Niche Academy video tutorial if you need help.


Lote 4 Kids

Lote Online for Kids has digital picture books in a variety of world languages. Each book will play audio and show pictures and text. Log in with your library card number to start listening.

Check out this Niche Academy video tutorial for help.

Other Free Resources on the Web

These are great resources to pair with Pronunciator or Lote4Kids.


General Resources

DuoLingo: A free website or app with daily challenges used to learn a variety of languages. 

Radio Garden: Hover over any place on the globe to listen to thousands of radio stations for free!


Loecsen: Online courses for over 40 langauges, targeted toward beginners and those looking to learn for travel.


American Sign Language

ASL Meredith: A YouTube channel filled with tons of tutorials made for beginners.

Signing Savvy: A free online sign language dictionary with high-quality videos for each sign. 



Aswaat Arabiyaa: University of Texas Austin’s free website for practice with listening comprehension.


Khallina: A free, open source website for learning about Arab culture.



DeepL Translator: Translate words, short phrases, and whole documents from French to English.


Learn French with Alexa: A YouTube channel with videos about listening comprehension, phrases for specific situations, and vocabulary, by a French teacher.



Learn German with Anja: A YouTube channel by a native German speaker, focusing on pronunciation and grammar.


Linguee: A German to English dictionary and short phrase translator. Also available as an app!



Italy Made Easy: A YouTube channel by a native Italian speaker. He starts at the basic alphabet and numbers and works all the way up to conversation. He also answers student questions and gives travel tips.


Learn Italian with Lucrezia:  Lucrezia has a blog and YouTube channel where she teaches the basics of Italian. She also does vlogs (video blogs) in Italian about daily life in Rome for listening comprehension practice.


Mandarin Chinese

Everyday Chinese: A YouTube channel with content made by native Mandarin speakers.


Yandex: A Chinese to English translator for words, phrases, and whole websites! Just enter the URL to have Yandex automatically translate.



Russian for Everyone: A self-guided study site, developed by a native speaker with a PhD in contemporary Russian language learning.


Real Russian Club: A YouTube channel for beginners, by a native Russian speaker. Videos include pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and Russian history.



SpanishDict: A Spanish-English dictionary and translator that also provides lessons for conjugation and vocabulary.


Worldbook Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos via the Michigan eLibrary: A visual dictionary for kids that includes maps, flags, games, and links to other cool Spanish learning websites.



Speak Tagalog with JC: JC is a native Tagalog speaker whose YouTube videos focus on grammar and vocabulary.

Materials in the Library

Some Options for Books

If you want to browse our nonfiction shelves, the Dewey range 400-499 is where all of our language learning materials are located.

The Teach Yourself Series: Excellent for beginners, this series focuses on language and culture. Available in Arabic, Dutch, Hungarian, Latin, RussianSwedish, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Welsh.

The In-Flight Playaway Series: These pre-loaded audiobook devices teach basic phrases in an hour. Available in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English (for Spanish speakers), Greek, Hebrew, Korean, Polish, Thai, and Vietnamese.

The Language Hacking Series: By author Benny Lewis, these books focus on building conversational skills in various languages. Available in French, Italian, and Spanish.

You are able to place materials on hold from other libraries if we do not have what you are looking for. You are also able to make a Request for Addition of a Title at our Adult and Youth Information Desks.

Search in our Catalog 

Our catalog will display all of the books, DVDs, and playaways* available in the language of your choice. This Niche Academy video will show you how to use the catalog and place materials on hold. 

Suggested search terms: Learn Spanish, Speak Italian, Teach Yourself Chinese, Beginner's Korean, Russian for Beginners

*What is a playaway?
A playaway is a battery-operated device that has a pre downloaded audiobook on it - no wi-fi needed! All you need is a pair of headphones to listen. These are great resources to pair with books.